PSEG Long Island Rebate Programs

We are verified contractors for the PSEG Program. ENERGY STAR® Rebates.

Power Savings

To qualify for these savings, you must be a PSEG Long Island residential customer, must include proof of purchase with your online rebate submission, and you may not exceed the rebate limits of appliances and products listed on the online rebate application form. 

To learn more about the program please visit

Please see full terms and conditions.

Please note not all appliances/products provide a rebate after purchase. Some are in-store discounts at time of purchase and available only at certain retailers.

Energy Star Award 2022

Upgrade Gas Heating Equipment

If your heating equipment is more than 10 years old, it may be time for a replacement.

Get up to $550 off when you make the switch to a more cost- and energy-efficient system.